We are proud to present this custom made “Crazy Neighbours” Manga Stratocaster. This stunning guitar has been made with a distinct, fun, cult-manga character in mind and all parts, components and artwork have been selected accordingly.

Details of the body, neck and electronics are detailed below.

The neck and body are from a 2003 Fender Squier Standard Stratocaster which is made in Indonesia. The Standard Stratocaster range by Squier are held in extremely high regard and are far superior than the Affinity range. For clarity the original serial number of the neck has been left on the back. This has a really nice slim neck and is a dream to play.

The pickups are boutique hand wound Alnico V pickups which are particularly suited to playing that emphasizes warm, vintage Blues or ‘rock’ styles but with the added grunt of the higher Bridge output when you want it. With resistances of 7.2K Ohm ‘Hot’ Bridge and 5.9 KOhm Neck and Middle configuration, using thicker 42 AWG windings. Lightly chamfered pole pieces complete the vintage look. The pots (CTS) and switches (Oak Grigsby) are to Fender US standard specifications and so you get a lovely sounding guitar.

The artwork is based on the Cult Crazy neighbours manga comic which was extremely popular in the 2000’s