This custom made Telecaster is based on the classic manga art comic by Akira Toriyama

The guitar body and neck are taken from a 2003 Fender Squier Standard Telecaster (original serial number left on the headstock for clarity). This made in Indonesia range is a great feeling guitar and is far superior to the Affinity range. The Squier standard range was an excellent quality range of guitars which was ultimately replaced by the Classic Vibe range of guitars and is of a similar build quality. It is a full weight Telecaster body with classic through the body strings to truly capture that Telecaster tone.

The pickups have been upgraded to Tonerider hot classics telecaster pickups . In my opinion Tonerider are some of the best value high end pickups on the market. The Hot Classics are slightly hotter than the vintage range of pickups and give you the full range of Telecaster twang sound from Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock through to classic Indie tones as well. I love these pickups and regularly use them for Fender upgrades.

This guitar looks and feels great to play. It is a full weight Telecaster and so has great tone and sustain. The neck is set up with a low action and is a dream to play.

This guitar currently resides with a happy owner in Isreal