This custom made Telecaster is based on the classic manga art comic Ryushika Ryushika by Yoshitoshi Abe and was one of the original Manga guitars in the Chevening range.

The guitar body and neck are taken from a 2010 Fender Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster (original serial number left on the headstock for clarity). Many believe the Classic Vibe range of guitars is of a superior build quality to the Mexican Fender range and are the best value guitars you can buy. It is a full weight Telecaster body with classic through the body strings to truly capture that Telecaster tone.

The pickups have been upgraded to Fender 52 reissue pickups. Recently redesigned for an accurate vintage Tele tone these pickups are made with the same materials and specifications of an early 1950’s Telecaster pickup, the Original Vintage Telecaster speaks with extremely accurate vintage Tele twang.

Made with Alnico 3 magnets, enamel coated magnet wire these pickups duplicate the warmth and edge that you’d come to expect from Fender. The bridge pickup sports the traditional copper-plated steel base plate for that extra midrange punch while warmth and clarity is coaxed from the nickel-plated steel covered neck pickup. The 52 pickups are often used on the American Vintage and many Custom Shop Telecasters. The pots are CTS and the switch is an Oak Gigbsy and so you are getting an American/Custom shop grade Telecaster guitar.