This little beast has more stickers than you shake a sticky stick at. Taking inspiration from street sticker artists “Sticker Hell” packs a lot of punch.

The original guitar was the Hannah Montana collboration with Disney and Washburn. With Telecaster style electronics and pickups – this was a prime choice for Chevening to get its teeth into.

This was our first outing with Ironstone pickup. 

As with all of the range, the Ironstone Telecaster pickups are based on Alnico magnet pole pieces to guarantee vintage tone. Unusually, the Bridge features Alnico V and Alnico 3 for the neck because different magnet grades perform better for different string positions and frequencies.
Aimed at the early 50’s and 60’s Tele tones, these feature the original specification of 42AWG windings for the bridge and 43AWG neck. They are available as individual bridge, neck or a set. Additionally a set is available using an Ironstone Humbucker in place of the conventional Tele neck pickup.
The tone is not so much an artist as an era! Think classic 50’s &  60’s, everything from rock to blues, jazz to country.
Chuck in Hannah Montana and what do you get – Sticker Hell!!